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Dec 12, 2017

Here are the 5 podcasts that I've found to bring the most value to me, as a leader.  Click the links below to go to the website for each show or search for each podcast in your preferred podcast platform.  I hope you enjoy!

1.  The ONE Thing Podcast

Episode Recommendations:  #74 and #91

2.  Hacking Your Leadership

Episode Recommendations:  #8 and #17

3.  Radical Candor

Episode Recommendations:  #14 and #17

4.  EntreLeadership

Episode Recommendations:  #101 and #222

5.  oGoInsider Leadership Podcast

Episode Recommendations:  #1 and #3



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1.  E-mail and tell me what podcasts you have found most beneficial.  Sharing is caring!

2.  What kind of episode would you prefer to hear to close out the year?  E-mail me and let me know.  Here are the options:

A.  CompassCast 2017- Highlight Show

Send me your favorite episode(s) and your favorite segments, questions, and responses.  Time stamps are greatly appreciated!  (Example: Episode 14 @ 15:23- This really helped me reengage in...) 

B.  2018 Goal Setting- Best Practices

How to take a look back at the previous year and chart a course for 2018.  Give me your best practices or the processes you use to set goals.  

Email me with your vote and provide the supporting details!