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United States Beef Corporation

Why we exist:  We are a family owned business that operates and supports great restaurants.  In doing so, we provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, development, and advancement.

Dec 19, 2017

On episode 45, we get back to our roots with a good ol' fashion interview with Regional Director, Tom Johnson.  Tom describes his leadership style as "direct".  He discusses the pros and cons of deploying such a style and how he's adapted his style over the years.  

As a student of VPO Syed Mansoor, Tom discusses Syed's influence on him throughout his career.  What's it like working in STL aka the 314?  Tom shares a few quirks of the city he knows so well.  He also provides some practical advice on how to get to know your people better and we wrap it all up with a riveting round of, "Finish This Sentence..."

Hope you enjoy!  Cheers!



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