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United States Beef Corporation

Why we exist:  We are a family owned business that operates and supports great restaurants.  In doing so, we provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, development, and advancement.

Apr 17, 2017

Episode #10 of CompassCast is a doozer.  Rick Morris, Sr. VP of Operations, joins me for an interview as we wrap up our core value series.  As usual, Rick brings his passion for US Beef and our employees to the interview as he tells some amazing stories that I know you'll enjoy.  There are some dynamite takeaways from this one so you might want to take some notes.  

The directors are in town this week, so send an e-mail to by Wednesday the 19th and let me know who you would like for me to interview for episode 11 which will be released on April 24th!  What do you want to know about them?  Now is your chance!  

CompassCast listeners, tragedy has struck 2 members of the US Beef Family this past week.  Marcus Pressler, a maintenance tech in Region 5, lost his wife Amy and Brian Keith, GM of unit 7657, also in Region 5, lost his 22 year old son Zakkery.  Our deepest sympathies and most heartfelt condolences go out to our family members in the Kansas City area.  If you would like to donate to either (or both families) I've included links to their GoFundMe pages below.  Every little bit helps.  If you can't give, share it on social media.  Both families could use our help.  Thank you!

Amy Pressler (Marcus)- 

Zakkery Wiebusch (Brian)-