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United States Beef Corporation

Why we exist:  We are a family owned business that operates and supports great restaurants.  In doing so, we provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, development, and advancement.

Aug 7, 2017

Episode #26 brings our first "outsiders" to CompassCast.  DiSC Experts Robin Kellogg and Andy Widen take some time to talk with us about the DiSC assessment and how it can impact company culture.  We also discuss how DiSC supports our core values of Commitment, Humility, and Respect.  

Whether you have taken the assessment or not, there is some great learning in this episode!  

Top 3 Ways DiSC Can Drive Culture

1.  Improves self-awareness

2.  Gives you insight into the values and preferences of others

3.  Provides actual strategies for improving relationships

Such a simple, yet powerful tool.  Hope you enjoy the episode!

Next week, we will discuss some of the misuses of DiSC, the keys to creating an environment conducive to learning, and we'll play a fun round of Finish This Sentence!  

Thanks for listening!


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