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Nov 21, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving CompassCast Listeners!  

Mixing it up a little this week...Episode 41 is all about making your life easier.  I'm sharing the 5 smartphone applications that I am most thankful for.  Most of these are my faves because they improve productivity or save time.  Check them out below (links to Google Play Store and Apple App Store for each app available below:

  1. Microsoft Outlook (Free)
  2. Microsoft Excel (Free)
  3. Audible (Free App with Subscription Service)
  4. Pocket Casts ($3.99)
  5. Pocket (Free- In-App Purchases available)

App Links :

1. Microsoft Outlook (Android)  Microsoft Outlook (iOS)

2. Microsoft Excel (Android)  Microsoft Excel (iOS)

3. Audible (Android)  Audible (iOS)

4. Pocket Casts (Android)  Pocket Casts (iOS)

5. Pocket (Android)  Pocket (iOS) 

I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!  No air biscuits during Thanksgiving Dinner!

Cheers everybody!