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United States Beef Corporation

Why we exist:  We are a family owned business that operates and supports great restaurants.  In doing so, we provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, development, and advancement.

Mar 6, 2018

Join us on I-40 East as Tim Bouma and I make our way to Little Rock. On the way we talk about our 2018 strategy. We discuss our new management model, the new hour,y manager positions, and our strong push toward improving our labor percent. 

Tim also provides some great advice for staying locked in for March. Historically, sales go up in March but we’ve seen our hospitality scores go down. He tells us why that is and how we can avoid that in 2018.

We wrap it up by discussing the regional General Managers meetings/awards, and, specifically, he shares his thoughts on the Founder’s Award. 

Hope you enjoy!


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