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Nov 7, 2017

Welcome to Movember!  

Our DM Conference is taking place in Tulsa on November 7th and 8th and Episode 39 gets you primed and ready for what's to come.  I sit down with Tim Bouma, Izorah Tallent, and Rick Morris to talk about what you can expect at this year's event.  

Also, I've grown a mustache.  November is now Movember, No Shave November, etc. and has become the one month out of the year that I grow facial hair.  This is a national campaign with men all over the country participating.  Most facial hair growth is connected to raising funds or awareness for men's health.  I think that is awesome!  I however, grow my stache to promote fun and ridiculousness in the workplace. 

My mustache is absurd, but lovely at the same time.  It has a way of becoming a topic of conversation in several of the interviews, so I apologize for that...sorta.  My goal is to gain access into Tim and Syed's Mustache Club.  It's an elite group of facial hair aficionados and they are super stingy with membership requirements.  Fingers crossed!

I hope you enjoy a very light-hearted and, at times, a downright silly episode of CompassCast.